Advancet Lighting

BC Hydro Power SmartWe help companies plan and implement energy saving lighting upgrades. Advancet Lighting specialized in high bay, commercial and industrial applications including, but not limited to, airplane hangars, arenas, auto dealers, garages, offices, outdoor lighting, parking lots, retail, sports fields and warehouses.

Advancet Lighting proudly serves British Columbia, Canada from our offices in Burnaby. The majority of our lighting upgrades are with LED. Today’s LEDs are 100% toxic free, 100% recyclable, last substantially longer than conventional lights, are dimmable, and allow for intelligent control. Add that to the fact that most Utilities, including BC Hydro, offer businesses rebates to retrofit to LED. You now have a great incentive to upgrade your lighting.

Our Values

Our core values are driven by a desire to improve the working conditions for you employees by providing them with the appropriate light to make them happy and productive. We are also driven by the desire to save our customers money by reducing energy to provide that light. We believe in honesty, direct and clear communication, providing choice while taking pride in a job well done.

Our Commitment

  • We promise to work on your behalf to ensure you get the best products at the best price.
  • We promise to educate you as to the rationale for all our recommendations.
  • We promise to listen and adapt you your needs.
  • We promise to stand behind our work.

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